World News From Correspondents For Quartz India

World News or international news is the generic term for all news related to the world, usually from a different country or even a worldwide topic. There are many types of world news and they can be as serious as war, terrorism or sports. The most popular of all world news is news from the United Kingdom. It covers all major events from the UK, like the Olympics, the Euro, the London Olympics and also the summer Olympics in Russia. News from other countries can be of interest like the politics, the economy, health and science news.

World News

The people who report and edit the world news can be called journalists, but they work for news agencies or publications. They are reporters and sometimes they also write for newspapers. The field of world news has opened up because of the modern means of communication. Almost everyone is now online and uses the internet for gathering information. Online journalism is very popular today and has made a lot of changes to the profession of foreign correspondents.

Today, the job of a foreign correspondent is no more limited to covering national events or major political activities of the country concerned. It has given a lot of space to international news agencies and reporting. Many of the world’s major newspapers have now published international news in their online publications. The increasing competition has made many foreign correspondents obtain their qualifications at higher levels of journalism. So they can be called upon to deliver live reports from many places all over the world.

Foreign correspondents can be sent to report on natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, Tsunami, volcanic activity, terrorism, conflicts and other political events that happen in a political context. They can be sent to report on stories regarding the health of global citizens, food crises, water shortages and other issues of great importance to the human population. Some of the international news organizations send their correspondents to cover political activities in the UN, election processes and events around the world.

Jerusalem – The capital city of Israel, Beijing and many other Chinese cities are also on the agenda of the foreign correspondents. Coverage of Jerusalem includes both daily events and special feature stories. Coverage includes: Israel-Palestine conflict, Pope Francis’ visit, Tibetan independence movement, Chinese censorship, and many others. They are also dispatched to many Middle Eastern countries for the purpose of gathering information on local events. They are sent to Jerusalem to cover the earthquake and flood that devastated the city.

Beijing – The capital of China, Beijing is another favorite destination of the foreign correspondents. They are dispatched to cover the ongoing Olympic Games. They are also dispatched to many countries for the purpose of gathering vital information and the latest news about the country concerned. Coverage includes: the Olympic torch, China’s leadership, Tibetan issues, Beijing Olympics, China’s stock market, and of course the Dalai Lama issue. They are also dispatched to many South Korean cities to cover the latest developments in the Seoul.

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