The Relationship Between Science and Life

Science is an organized systematic venture which builds and structures of knowledge in the form of precise testable predictions and interpretations about the universe. In particular, it deals with the measurement of phenomena and its interpretation. It also attempts to expand knowledge by testing and modifying theories. It aims at providing a definite answer to questions, by obtaining data and by providing the support required by theoretical predictions.


Science has three categories, such as observational science, experimental science and natural science. Out of these, experimental science is commonly considered as the more difficult of the two. The main aim of the former is to discover the laws of nature by experiment. Natural science on the other hand, deals with the explanation of all the visible and measurable facts with reference to the environment. It also attempts to explain the behavior of nature in terms of physical laws.

A recent development in science is Intelligent Design. It claims that many scientifically proven phenomena are beyond explanation. It bases its claims on fossils and DNA analysis. Creationists claim that these types of events are the product of random chance.

There are many different theories in science that help in explaining different phenomena. Each of these theories has a strong claim to be correct. Each of them also attempts to apply to the real world. It is thus important to study different theories carefully and choose the one that best explains the real world.

Science also helps to solve questions in the philosophy of life. Questions like ‘what is reality?’ and ‘how do we know what is reality?’ are among the many that science has put forward to answer. A major part of science is research and scientists spend years trying to understand these questions.

Science has many positive effects upon us and our society. However, there are some controversial aspects about science. Some people are afraid of accepting new theories that challenge previously held beliefs. Some people also have a problem accepting that science is able to predict the future.

There are also misunderstandings about the relationship between science and religion. Science does not try to prove the existence of God. Religion does not try to disprove the existence of science. Thus, there are no conflicts between science and religion.

Science has produced many different kinds of technology. Some examples include airplanes, automobiles, satellites and communications systems. Some of these technologies have helped people on earth survive and some have contributed to man’s development in other fields. Technology has also changed the face of how we live by providing power, communication and entertainment. These changes have affected our daily lives and we are still changing the ways we do things every day.

Science is a very interesting subject. Different areas of science to address different problems. For example, physical science addresses the properties of matter and the laws of physics. Astronomy and cosmology address the structure and composition of the universe and the nature of space. Biochemistry and Genetics offer an explanation as to how life began and how it is evolving today.

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