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World news or international news terminology is the general news terminology for worldwide news, usually about a national or an international topic. There are times when world news is as hype as the next big movie or sports event and at other times it is as serious as a national story. Most of the time, it refers to the major international newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc. Other major news organs are also involved in covering world news and its occurrences on a worldwide basis.

World News

The field of international news and journalism has been growing steadily over the past two decades. This is probably because the internet has become so common. In a nutshell, most foreign correspondents operate online. Theirs is no doubt a huge challenge as they have to learn the language, culture and business aspects of other cultures while still keeping their own reporting and writing style. It is therefore no wonder that many foreign correspondents choose to work online rather than trying to land jobs with journalism organizations where their experience would be greatly reduced.

As it was pointed out earlier, many foreign correspondents choose to work with local media in their home countries. In some cases this may be the only way for them to get published in their home country. Such a situation has also given rise to a new sub-set of journalism: the blogging world. Foreign correspondents and blogging enthusiasts combine forces in an effort to spread world news and promote their blogs. This has given birth to new media players such as the blogging network and the blogosphere.

A few well-known global news organizations are also starting to include some local stories in their reporting. Examples are the Associated Press, which started including some parts of the story in their early reporting. Recently the English news agency Associated Press tried a similar experiment with the French news agency ARD. Although the experiment is still in trial stage, many other news agencies have started to include some of the pieces from the foreign correspondents’ reports in their own reports.

In a similar vein, the Financial Times has started to report stories from India and Pakistan about incidents in China. Such stories include a fatal earthquake in Pakistan and an eruption in China’s Sichuan Province. There are many other stories, however, from Asia and Africa that are not being covered by the mainstream media.

For example, there was an award-winning documentary by CNN’s camera crew that showed the aftermath of a huge explosion at a Chinese chemical factory in Beijing. Only the state-controlled media reported on the story, ignoring the horrific human rights abuses that took place in the blast. International correspondents were quick to highlight these facts in their daily reports, but very few were willing to show pictures of the scene. Only then did they realize that there were indeed terrible images that should never have been hidden.

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