The Impact of News on Society

The newspapers and television are the main sources for most news today. There are many other news sources, but they are mostly the mainstream sources. Any story of news with an obvious general theme, relating to a major event, public occurrence, place, or people; as, the news which covers (2) the issue of global warming. News carries much information of one form or another. It is a daily routine for us.


In ancient times the news was carried in the bark of trees. News travelled through informers who communicated it to people in villages or towns. The horse was the main mode of conveyance. Today, the electric horsepower is used for conveying news throughout the world. The modern mode of transportation, air-conditioning or heater, telephone has made the world a global village.

Newspapers are printed news articles, usually by the newspaper companies. News is a daily routine for people. News is something that we observe in the newspapers and relate to it. Today, when we log on to the internet, we are receiving news through the emails. The news is either posted to the web by the news agency or syndicated news websites are visited by millions of people across the world in a span of a few seconds.

The new medium of news has changed the way news was delivered to us. Now news is no more limited to newspapers or television. Internet has made news available at all times of the day and all days of the week. The birth of the internet changed the face of news. Now if you are searching for a news story or news about a new product launched by a brand new company, you can log onto the web and get the latest news there. No more waiting for your favorite newspaper or television station to broadcast the news to you.

You can also subscribe to email news feeds provided by many of the news agencies and news websites across the world. News is no more restricted to any particular region or country. It has now become the third largest source of content on the internet after search and social networking. It is also one of the fastest growing sources of news; daily millions of new news items are being updated.

Now if the news is good, then why shouldn’t we talk about it? Why not tell our friends and families about the news that you have just seen or heard about? Let them know how important it is to be informed and spread the word. The power of news can never be undermined.

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