Making News Through Agence France-Presse


Making News Through Agence France-Presse

When you hear the word “news” do you think of the kind you read in your favorite newspaper or hears on your nightly news? Do you visualize what it must look like in black and white or color? Most newspapers, magazines and broadcast stations today have turned their news items into something a bit more exciting and colorful, much like they did in the old days. Journalists each day to develop the current chaos, day after day, in front of their studio or newsroom, so the public gets it straight out and nicely packaged into bite-sized stories, the very next day on radio, television or web and the very next day in colorful papers everywhere. It will always have been packaged with important story elements.

Newspapers and magazines today have become more of a part of a news story development instead of an article writer’s notebook. Nowadays, most newspapers and magazines hire a news ghost writer to write feature stories based around a particular subject matter or theme. Some journalists who are used to writing feature stories for newspapers and magazines are now using their skills to develop stories for websites and entertainment news channels.

In addition to news agencies that publish daily and evening news reports, most television and radio stations also utilize a news service, which is often in charge of preparing and producing entire news programs, from live reports to behind the scenes specials. A news service is simply a company that provides news reports to television and radio stations. Many news agencies will purchase segments of television or radio shows at no cost and then distribute these news reports throughout various media outlets. In addition to news agencies that specialize in news reporting, many people are self-employed and use a freelance news agency to produce news reports, as well. Freelance reporters can be contracted by any individual or media outlet, but are most often contracted through smaller news services, such as newspapers, magazines, or radio and TV networks.

The evolution of the news media has made it much easier for anyone with an Internet connection to become a news consumer. With the ability to quickly and easily obtain news stories and information, news consumers have become much more discerning in their decisions about what they will and won’t watch. For this reason, many news consumers have turned online and are now reading blogs and social networking sites instead of regular newspapers and magazines. News stories from blogs and social networking sites are oftentimes more interesting and informative than those from newspapers and magazines.

Some news consumers are not only interested in stories and information that are current or relevant to their own lives, but they are also interested in providing the general public with up-to-date and unique information. As a result, some news consumers will make their own submissions to web news services, submitting anything from photos to videos to news stories. Individuals who have a strong interest in the news, but don’t feel as if they should put their head into the business of telling others about it, often choose to make news themselves. Making news can be fun and rewarding, and allows individuals to share their unique take on the world around them. When someone shares a story with an interested party, the other party is apt to have a similar view of the world and their own life.

Agence France-Presse, or A France Presse article, is licensed to print on newsprint or a website provided by news agencies around the world. The articles are generally focused on a single country or region, however. They may cover a number of countries and regions, or just one country. Agence France-Presse is licensing to publish news and information as long as they include some type of attribution to the original author and a hyperlink to the website where readers can read more about the author.

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