Getting acquainted with World News

World news or world media or global news is the general news terminology for worldwide news, usually about a particular country or an international topic. These global news include all news and other information about events in other countries as well as local events. These news items are normally generated by wire services through agencies like wire service providers. This kind of news attracts a wide coverage especially in world media where major business enterprises have their foot prints. These include:

World News

The information that goes into these global news agencies comes from various government sources. Usually, the main goal of these global news organizations is to keep the public informed and well-informed about matters that interest them. All countries have different policies on how they inform the public. For example, some countries emphasize on providing daily newspaper reports while others emphasize more on radio and television broadcasting.

In addition, some of the countries depend solely on foreign correspondents from foreign news agencies. This is done for the simple reason that the target audience for this form of journalism is a worldwide audience. Foreign correspondents also provide local reports to their employers, which are useful for them. Thus, in the case of a story about India and China, the Indian or the Chinese government would get important news reports and the Global Central News Agency (GCN) in the United States would provide a worldwide perspective on this issue. With the help of foreign correspondents, world news agencies produce unbiased and fact-based content for their audiences.

There are some journalists who specialize in international news, local news and other specialized forms of journalism. They work for specific news agencies or for freelance journalists who prefer to work independently. Some of the other journalists working in the field of international journalism are freelance correspondents who have to observe and report on foreign events as they happen. Such freelance correspondents may be based in different parts of the world but they all need to follow the same sets of guidelines and rules.

For example, correspondents for major news organizations must have lived in both Pakistan and Beijing to get a clear view of the political situation in China and in Islamabad to get an accurate account of what is happening there. On the other hand, correspondents who are working for television news organizations should have extensively reported on events from Islamabad and China before reporting it to their respective audiences. In addition, they also need to be familiar with the cultures and traditions of both Pakistan and Beijing. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to properly convey the appropriate message that their viewers are looking for.

Some of the popular correspondents working in the fields of television, Internet, newspapers, and magazines are CCTV’s chief Correspondent Niobe Huang in China and CNN’s correspondents in Pakistan and Beijing. The chief correspondents of CCTV and CNN are accredited in China and in the United States respectively. In addition, CCTV has its own web site and its English news agencies have their own websites, which can be reached by foreign correspondents. All foreign correspondents are required to abide by these sets of guidelines to avoid getting into trouble or being fired by their respective employers.

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