Different Areas of Science


Different Areas of Science

Science is an organized scientific enterprise which structures and coordinates knowledge in the form of precise testable predictions and explanatory explanations about the universe. The concepts and models that emerge from the interactions of matter and energy are the real objects of science. The theories that have been verified through repeated observations are the accepted facts of science. The progress of science can be measured using a score known as the Scientific Revolution.

Science has different components. It includes physical sciences like physics, chemistry, biology and zoology, social sciences like sociology, anthropology and sociology and engineering sciences like aerospace, nuclear energy, construction sciences and mathematics. Each of these branches of science has developed its own special area of research. These areas of specialization in science offer unique opportunities to the researchers and scientists involved.

One important area of science is microbiology. This is because the study of all living things is actually included in it. Microscopy is used to reveal the living parts of an organism and to determine the existence and properties of the microorganisms.

The field of psychology deals with the understanding of human behavior and the basis of human memory. Behavior studies reveal the factors that influence the behavior of people. Similarly, memory studies give detailed descriptions of how and why we remember certain things. Another important area of science is biology. Biology offers us the means to develop and maintain our bodies and to understand the function and structure of all parts of the body. We also learn about the development of life on earth and the origin of life on earth.

Botany is one of the fields of science which gives us a glimpse of the growth and development of plants. We learn about the relationships between organisms, their growth and distribution, reproduction and death. Botany also looks into the effects of global warming on plants and organisms. A number of topics are covered under the subject of botany, like pest control and farmers’ crops.

Biochemistry deals with the chemical makeup of living cells. It is one of the most difficult subjects in biology to learn and has to be studied with all the concentration. Various branches of biology are concerned with this area like cell and tissue culture, genetics, molecular biology, etc. Cell and Tissue Culture are concerned with studying the growth of cells in culture and how they are related to various diseases.

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