The World in Focus – Beijing and Jerusalem

World news or international news is the international news terminology for world-related news, usually about a particular country or an international topic. The term has become increasingly vague as some recent events have become covered in major news media worldwide. There are a lot of stories that get reported worldwide and get translated into different languages to be read by people all over the globe. Because of globalization and the internet, a lot of news items are shared across time zones and even among different countries. If you want to read the latest news, you may want to follow the links below.

World News

Most of the time, journalists who report on world news are from very talented news agencies based in the country where the event or story happens to be. However, there are also freelance reporters who report for international media and publish their stories in different newspapers and websites around the world. A few decades ago, most foreign correspondents were from Europe and the United States. Now, there are Chinese, Korean and Indian reporters who cover all sorts of stories not only from their own countries but those of other countries as well. This has made world journalism much more diverse.

The International Reporting Project offers paid training programs to aspiring foreign correspondents who aim to become professional reporters covering all kinds of breaking news worldwide. Since then, there are many journalism associations all over the world that offer specialized training and mentoring programs to young professionals who aspire to become foreign correspondents. These associations also offer scholarships to journalism students who intend to specialize in international journalism.

The International Reporting Project was founded in 1978 by four men: Peter Finn, Robert Kaplan, Bernard Kalman and Morris Hoffman. Their mission was to build a pool of seasoned international reporters from around the world and pool their resources to provide first-class international reporting. Today, they are still leading the way in providing cutting-edge international news agencies with the kind of in-depth, analytical reporting that they have come to be known for.

They have correspondents in Pakistan, India, China, Tibet, Myanmar, North Korea, Bangladesh and Laos. Recently, they managed to get an exclusive deal with CCTV-TV in China – one of the largest news agencies – to exclusively broadcast Chinese state television news and documentaries. From CCTV’s point of view, this is a great deal for them because it allows them to target a broad audience which is much larger than they could have had otherwise. It also ensures that they have a ready audience base of either Muslims or Hindus. Today, the news organizations all over the world to cater to a different audience base.

The Global Times, a new online publication, started recently with a mission to bring together people from different corners of the globe. The founders envisaged the publication as a portal where people from different cities and countries could write in and exchange views and experiences about their countries. It also aims at promoting the unity of mankind, as well as to spread information on global issues, and provide a platform for international dialogues. In addition to that, it also aims at bringing people together through its commentaries. These commentaries are regularly published on the website and can be accessed by people across the globe.

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